Pigment + linseed oil

ATR-FT-IR spectra of pigments mixed with linseed oil 

In this page a selection of IR spectra (with and without ATR-correction) of self-made oil paints in the region of 4000-225 cm–1 are presented.

The low wavenumber region (far-IR region) of the IR spectra are presented and discussed in the following papers: Spectrochimica Acta Part A, 2009, 73, 764–771 and Spectrochimica Acta Part A, 2010, 75, 1061–1072.

(Click on the mixture’s name)

 White pigments + linseed oil

Yellow pigments + linseed oil

Red pigments + linseed oil

 Blue pigments + linseed oil

Green pigments + linseed oil

Brown pigments + linseed oil

 Black pigments + linseed oil 

 Lead white 
Zinc white 
Titanium white 
 Yellow ochre
Naples yellow
Cadmium yellow
Chrome yellow
Barium yellow
Strontium yellow
Amberg yellow
Satin ochre
Italian Gold ochre, light
Red lead
Natural red earth
Venetian red
Pompei red
Caput Mortuum reddish
Cadmium red, light


Ultramarine blue
Lapis lazuli
Prussian blue
Egyptian blue
Cobalt blue
Cobalt blue dark


Viridian green
Chromium oxide
Cobalt green
Bohemian green earth
Vagone green earth
Raw umber greenish, dark
Brown ochre
Burnt umber (Winsor&Newton)
Burnt umber (Sennelier)
Fawn ochre
Bone black
Ivory black
Mars black
Vine black