Acidity and Basicity data on the Web

NIST Webbook

Gas-Phase acidity and basicity data for a large number of compounds together with literature references. Certainly the first place to look for gas-phase acid-base data

Bordwell Tables

pKa values in DMSO medium. This is a nice Web presentation of the monumental body of data measured in the F.G. Bordwell group. Contains also literature references (although not for all compounds)

Ivari Kaljurand Tables

Acidity and basicity data for many compounds in different media

Ripin and Evans Tables

pKa values, mostly in DMSO

pKa Table at Zirchrom

Around 600 pKa values for acids and bases in water ordered by molecular formulae. Includes various biologically active compounds.

pKa Table at

A nicely presented colection of pKa values from the literature.

pKa Table at Penn State

A somewhat chaotic but very voluminous table of pKa values of acids and bases in water and water:EtOH mixtures at Eberly College of Science, Penn State University

SPARC property calculator

A very useful on-line property prediction engine. Predicts several physicochemical properties, including pKa values in water, non-aqueous media (mostly DMSO) and gas phase. Includes also a searchable pKa database.

pKa data in nonaqueous media

Acidities and Basicities (pKa values) in nonaqeous media (acetonitrile, tetrahydrofuran, heptane etc) as well as in the gas phase.

pKa data of pharmaceuticals in water

Acidities and Basicities (pKa values) of a large number of pharmaceuticals in water (accessible only form domain).





Uses of Acidity and Basicity Data

Uses of pKa values for different applications

A collection of annotated literature references (linked to the original articles) outlining the different uses of pKa data, especially in nonaqueous media (annotations are in Estonian).



Research Groups

Reed Group

The research group of Prof. Chris Reed. The gorup specializes in isolating highly reactive species and novel materials. A very important role in this is played by the weakly coordinating anions (eg the derivatives of the 1-carba-dodecaborane anion).

Gans Group

The research group of Prof. Peter Gans (Solution equilibria, Stability constants, pHab, Hypnmr, Hyperquad, HySS, Glee)

Krossing Group

The research group of Prof. Ingo Krossing (Freiburg University, Germany). Experimental and computational studies of weakly coordinating anions, ionic liquids, superacids. The driving force behind the Absolute pH scale in ionic liquids.

Leito Group

The research group of Prof. Ivo Leito (University of Tartu). The results of the group in the field of nonaqueous acid-base chemistry are presented as Data tables from articles of acidities and basicities (pKa values) in nonaqeous media - acetonitrile (MeCN), tetrahydrofuran (THF), 1,2-dichloroethane (DCE), dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), etc) as well as in the gas phase (intrinsic acidity and intrinsic basicity).




Dielectric constants

Dielectric constant database at ASI Instruments. Lists ca 1500 dielectric constants of many materials including all commonly used solvents.

Merck Ionic Liquids

Ionic Liquids research and production at Merck





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